A New Year!

January 27th, 2014
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Hello Friends!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s filled with friends and family. We took a break from our Bed and Breakfast to be with our family in Idaho. It was a wonderful time with lots of food and fun, but we are glad to be back home.

All of our puppies found good homes and spent the holidays having fun with their new families. One of our pups, Nelli, went to live with the Bells. We got a nice Christmas message and picture from them:

Merry Christmas from Nelli and the Bells!
We love our Nelli and can’t imagine our family without her. She is growing bigger every day!

Hope all is well with you and your family!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Bells

Nelli with her new "Mom".

Nelli with her new “Mom”.

We miss our pups, but we are so happy to see them enjoying lives with their new families.

Winter is a slow time of year for us, so I’ve been working on my Rags to Bags business. You can take a look at my creations here.

Have a wonderful New Year and we look forward to seeing you at Bobtail Lodge soon!

Winter is here

December 1st, 2013

Winter snows are here to stay – but our puppies are not. We were very sad to see them go, but we know they are going to great homes and will be very happy.

1425683_707617422591323_78631520_n  First "real" snow of the year!

We are hoping for another litter of pups in the Spring – if you want to reserve a puppy early contact me: stay@bobtaillodge.com or 406-293-7175.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year with a 38-pound turkey we raised ourselves – nothing like organic home-grown poultry to kick-off the Holiday season. I’ve never cooked a turkey that big, but we made it work and filled our freezer with lots of delicious leftovers.

With the snows falling now is a great time to visit us and take advantage of all the great winter activities – snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowmobiling just to name a few!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours – we feel very blessed.

Puppies for Christmas!

November 11th, 2013
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Girlie is a wonderful first time Mom!

Girlie is a wonderful first time Mom!


Buddy is a good dad, he loves spending time with his pups!

Buddy is a good dad, he loves spending time with his pups!

Even with the end of summer and our first snow on the ground, there is a lot going on at Bobtail Lodge. Our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Girlie, and our sweet Great Pyrenees, Buddy, have had their first litter of puppies!

Girlie, has come a long way since we rescued her from a puppy mill over a year ago. Girlie had been kept largely in solitude for the first two years of her life. The original owners sold her to us because she wouldn’t breed. When we brought her home with us she was afraid of everything – people, grass, water, you name it. I thought if we treated her like a “normal” dog she would get better – and she did.

After a lot of patience and socialization with people and other dogs, Girlie has come to be a very sweet and loving Bernese. Now that she is a first time mom she is a wonderful mother to her puppies. We are so proud of her!

Our Bernese/Pyrenees puppies are robust and very active, as puppies are. They will be ready for new homes in December, the perfect new puppy for Christmas! If you are interested in our sweet babies please contact me via email (stay@bobtaillodge.com) or give me – Teddi – a call at (406) 293-7175.

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